Subject Intent

To increase pupils' knowledge and understanding of the world. We want children to leave us in Year 6 with an understanding of the physical and human world. We are determined to ensure that our pupils have strong locational and place knowledge to allow them to succeed in Key Stage 3 and beyond.

We have designed a knowledge rich geography curriculum that is logical, relevant, broad and balanced and which goes beyond the demands of the National Curriculum. We have taken into account the most recent research on how children learn best and our curriculum design reflects this. Our children will learn about the diversity and differences in our world, both in terms of human geography, and also in terms of physical geography where eco-systems and environmental issues show the overlap between people and places in relevant and topical units, for example, climate change, sustainability and trade. 

Please click belwo to see how our geography curriculum progresses from Reception through to Year 6.

Geography Curriculum Progression

School Vision

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another