School Improvement Priorities

Our School Priorities 2021-22



1. ‘A Love of one another’ : Ensure learning is successfully adapted to meet all pupils’ needs (Principle 5- USL Principles of Teaching)

  • Set a culture of high expectations of all pupils, including those who are vulnerable or SEND, making sure that all teachers and leaders believe these pupils can learn the curriculum well and move onto the next stage with all they need to succeed. 
  • Ensure effective scaffolding is put in place so that all learner’s can access our ambitious curriculum.
  • Ensure that all pupils are actively engaged in quality first teaching. Craft questions carefully, with disadvantaged and SEND pupils in mind, to encourage this. 
  • Further develop staff knowledge and understanding of their statutory responsibilities and best practice in fulfilling these.
  • Further develop staff knowledge and understanding of the graduated pathway, SEN information report and how to best cater for specific needs
  • Further involve parents of vulnerable pupils to gain their views on their child’s provision, support plans, support and communication available through the school
  • Continue to embed a whole school Thrive approach increasing staff awareness, knowledge and skills of neuroscience, attachment theories, child development.
  • Ensure that Subject Leaders have an overview of the ‘diet of a vulnerable child’ in their subject and what attainment looks like for those pupils


2. ‘A love of Learning’ : Ensure assessment is used by teachers to amend their classroom delivery (Principle 3- USL Principles of Teaching)


  • Ensure teachers check for understanding systematically and respond to misconceptions with clear and direct feedback in all sections of the lesson. 
  • Ensure assessment records are kept by all staff as a result of this.
  • Ensure assessment records inform ‘Keep up not catch up’ daily intervention.
  • Teachers ensure that pupils embed key concepts in their long-term memory and apply them fluently.
  • Through the introduction of planning for all core subjects, ensure that planning is well sequenced, building on prior learning and prioritising key concepts.
  • Ensure consistent staff feedback in written work across all subjects ensuring that marking & feedback has a positive impact on pupil progress.


3. ‘Building a love of life, love of learning and love of one another’ through the Curriculum (Continue to implement our 3-year Curriculum Development Plan (can be found on our school website)


  • Ensure that every subject’s intent is made clear through a subject overview sheet, progression of skills document, unit overviews and a knowledge organiser per unit.
  • The design of our curriculum will show how the school intends to provide opportunities for children to gain cultural capital, knowledge of the world and further develop pupils’ sense of social responsibility so that they are empowered to be ‘agents for change’ in local, national and global communities (SIAMS area for development)
  • The broader curriculum will identify how British Values and SMSC are embedded, as well as provide children with opportunities to explore their spirituality (SIAMS area for development).
  • The implementation will mirror procedures as set out in our Teaching and Learning Policy. Learning walks will evidence that teachers make it clear what subject children are studying at the beginning and end of each lesson, that teachers refer to prior learning and that links are made to prior learning and vocabulary.
  • All Subject Leaders will identify how they intend to improve their subject area and how they will implement improvements.
  • All subject Leaders ensure foundation curriculum planning accounts for the impact of the pandemic and builds on what they already know.


 4. ‘A love of life and love of one another’: Pandemic Recovery Plan-

Upton St Leonards C of E Primary School will commit time to ensuring that routines, expectations, standards, relationships and values are quickly re-established. At the heart of these plans, getting children ‘back-on-track’ in both an academic and emotional sense is the absolute priority.

Click here to view our Pandemic Recovery Plan


School Vision

Building foundations for a love of life, a love of learning and a love of one another