Upton's 14 Days of Christmas


Upton's 14 Days of Christmas

To support the well-being of all, and inject a bit of ‘Christmas spirit’ for children and parents alike, at a difficult time for us all, we have launched ‘Upton’s 14 Days of Christmas’.

We have given teachers the autonomy to choose a Christmas themed activity to simply enjoy with their class. This may take place for a full day off timetable, or over an afternoon or two, to just enjoy a Christmas experience together. The end result being photographs or a video that will be uploaded to our school website and Facebook page as an ‘advent door’ on the following day for the following classes:

Tues 1st - RL

Wed 2nd- RB

Thurs 3rd – 1L

Fri 4th – 1CM

Mon 7th – 2T

Tues 8th – 2M

Wed 9th – 3W

Thurs 10th -3AG

Fri 11th -4J

Mon 14th – 4H

Tues 15th -5W

Wed 16th - 5D

Thurs 17th - 6P

Fri 18th – 6T

Enjoy….with love you all at this special time of year ❤

1 - RL

2 - RB

Click here to view RB's Christmas Advent Window

3 - 1L

Please click here to  view  1L's  Advent  Window

4 - 1CM

Click here to access 1CM's Advent Window

7 - 2T

8 - 2M

9 - 3W

10 - 3AG

Click here to view 3AG's Advent Window

11 - 4J

14 - 4H

15 - 5W

16 - 5D

17 - 6P

18 - 6T

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